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Tony Harmsworth was born in Brocket Hall in 1948 and educated in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and Bude, Cornwall. After disastrous university entrance results, caused by a severe allergy, Tony was thrown back upon his own resources taking whatever work he could find after leaving school.

With only a high-school education, but an IQ of 158, he began his career in retail, rapidly progressing to store management before he reached twenty. He switched careers in 1971 to the cosmetics industry where he developed administration and computer systems. He was quickly promoted at Wella and reported to the managing director. Head-hunted, he joined British American Cosmetics where he stayed until 1978 when he and his wife moved to the Highlands of Scotland, believing lifestyle was more important than money.

He spent the next fifteen years creating visitor attractions which included the Loch Ness Centre and the Macbeth Experience. He progressed to tour-operating, quickly establishing the most highly-acclaimed private guided tour company in Scotland.

He retired from the tourism industry in 2013 after writing the most comprehensive book about Loch Ness – a geography of the loch, biography of the famous monster and autobiography of his time living on the lochside. It is written from the sceptical viewpoint, tearing apart long-established evidence but also giving credence to some less sensational possibilities.

He now writes science fiction in the old-style, descriptive, with as much real science as possible.

His first book was MINDSLIP which explores chaotic effects on the Earth caused when Betelgeuse turns supernova.

His second book, which is currently the most polished and being submitted to agents and publishers, is THE VISITOR which tells the story of a dynamic woman astronaut who discovers something unexpected in low-Earth orbit during a space-junk elimination mission.

His latest story is GREEN DOOR, which can be read in draft form on the Wattpad reading platform.

He can trace his Scottish roots back to King Robert The Bruce through, surprisingly, the English, Harmsworth, side of the family.

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